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Halal Izakaya

Our story and how we got to where we are today!

About us –

In the middle of Prata-land, which is to say Jalan Kayu, there is Daya Izakaya, a newly opened establishment that might be a refuge for dinner who would be in Japan if not for travel restrictions.

The Muslim-Owned restaurant was started in early December by four friends – Mr. Raheel Abdul Rashid, 51, Mr. Sidek Md Nor, 69, Mr. Harminder Sing, 58, and Ms. Siow Ying, 48. They all have experience in the restaurant business and Ms. Siow own Tachinomlya Japanese Izakaya & Bar in Hougang.

Izakaya culture is all about drinking beers, sake and shochu with little eats. At Daya, the drinks are sodas and fruit juices.

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